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Jean Scheurer Today's archeology,1974 Offset print on card board and drawing on tracing paper Collection of the Museu de Arte Contemporânea da Universidade de São Paulo

Waltercio Caldas Crítica do Milagre (Critique of the Miracle), 1999 Artist’s book Collection of the artist

Stefan Brüggeman Reversed Mirror #5 ((from the series)), 2008 Mirror and permanent glue
The Economist magazine, November 2009, with the headline Brazil takes off'"

TIME magazine, April 21st, 1967 edition

2012 movie poster

Deyson Gilbert project of Bandeira (Flag), 2010

Theo Craveiro Ant colony - Visible idea 1956 - Hommage to Waldemar Cordeiro and Neoconcretism, 2010 Frammed glass, ants, heater and plants

Mónica Giraldo Las aventuras del Quijote - o el elogio a la utopía (The adventures of Quijote - or the praise to utopia), 2007 Live oral narration (performance)

Regina Silveira De artificiali perspectiva (Of artificial perspective), 1976 Silkscreen Collection of the artist

Carlos Zílio Para um jovem de brilhante futuro (For a youngster of brilliant future), 1974 Black and white photograph and offset print on paper Collection of the artist

Marcius Galan Balanço (Swing), 2008 plywood with paint Private Collection

Regina Parra Eldorado, 2010 Oil on paper

Clara Ianni da série Volumes Táticos: objeto nº 1 (from the series Tactical : object nº1), 2010 Cement, iron beam, wood, wheels

Cadu Hino dos vencedores (Winner’s anthem), 2008-2009 Music box, lottery tickets and frammed paper

Felipe Bittencourt Geometria sobre o conforto (Geometry on comfort), 2009 Video recorded performance and installation with adhesive tape

Luciana Ohira & Sérgio Bonilha Proposta para ocupação mínimo-máximo do espaço, (Proposal for minimum-maximum occupation of space), 2006 Installation/intervention Collection of Gallery Marcelo Guarnieri

Tiago Judas Movimento monocromático (Monocromatic movement), 2008 Wook, acrylic ink and motor

Traplev Formulários e modos opcionais - sala 1 (Forms and optional modes - room 1), 2008 Clipboard and adhesive tape

Guilherme Peters O sonho de Tatlin e o futuro perdido (Tatlin’s dream and the lost future), 2009 Oxidized iron plate, electric circuit, electric motor and russian doll
Beto Shwafaty Remediações (Remediations), 2010 video-installation

João Paulo Leite Ford-T, 2006 Wood and lacquer

Elaine Sturtevant (Lakewood, EUA, 1930) Sturtevant, Author of the Quixote, ed. 2009 by Udo Kittelmann publication

Iran do Espírito Santo ( A Noite (The Night), 1998 Electrostatic painting on steel Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo’s collection

André Komatsu (São Paulo, 1978) Sem título (untitle), 2009 Wall fragment, rollerball ink and wood Collection of the artist
Daré Cobertura para fracassos passados (Covering for failures past), 2008-2009 painting

Vitor César Centro cultural (Cultural center), 2009 neon light

Tiago Alem Santinho Projeto e destino (Project and destiny), 2010 wood

Bruno Faria _______ MUSEU, 2010 installation

Augusto de Campos (São Paulo,1931) Pressauro, 1970 poem

Milton Machado A esperança no porvir (The hope in the future), 1973 publication