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Formulários e modos opcionais - sala 1


Traplev is the alias used by Roberto Moreira Junior to publish some of his work as an artist, and also in collaborative projects such as curatorships, seminars and the publication Recibo. Thus, Traplev goes beyond the traditional idea of ​​artist and places himself as an agent that circulates through several discursive fields, not just those reserved to him.

In "Formulários e modos opcionais - sala 1 [Forms and optional modes - room 1]", the drawing boards, which refer us to the act of designing or managing projects, gain an iconic character: they perennially incorporate the description of the procedures associated with them. The set of texts and plots — such as "Calculating interests" or "Potentializing strategies" — indicate a bureaucratic process of drawing up interests, plans and strategies to achieve something expected, not only common to those working in the administrative, business, or public policies, but also to the activity of the artist himself today in the execution of an artistic proposition and, in a partially implicit way, common to the life of any social individual in the contemporary world.

We have, therefore, a certain epistemology of projects, or even a project of creation of other projects, evidencing the degree of naturalness in which this creation would have arrived. It thus suggests the existence of basic parameters and procedures, although optional, to guarantee the achievement of a goal.

More information at the artist's website.