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Winner's Anthem


Normally an anthem is a song that intend to symbolize the union of a group around a shared set of ideas (as it is supposed to be the case of a nation), common values. But if this is the case in 'Hymn of the winners', so we have to think of these "values" very literally (and at the same time not as "values" so literally "shared").

The scores used by Cadu to compose the anthem of the winners are ticket drilled in the positions of numbers defined by lottery. These tickets when played in the boxes of music generate songs at least unusual.

With these compositions, the winners, in addition to the lottery prize, also earning his anthem. But this only comes to show the arbitrariness of this victory, which reveals the mystical "numerology" and random that is on the vulgarity of economy as a whole: its markets, speculations, bourses, indices, numbers, promises and, of course, winners. The latter yes, they share (if a lot) the values of a perverse logic that oppresses, exploits and debar all them don't understand what portray their perfectly randoms anthems.