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Beto Shwafaty

"Remediações" is the result of a research carried out by Beto Shwafaty on certain dynamics of transposition of national projects for the media, that is, how these projects are transformed into image / sound / video and, in this movement, form and constitute their discursive content — which also ends up being examined by the artist. The research also intends to explore how far from reality these projects are placed when they are translated in these supports of representation. Therefore, the focus of the research was on projects that take effect in the phantasmatic presence of the image and are not executed, as they take place in the image itself and evade the contingencies of reality.

The projects observed are both those that are attempted today and those that have already been attempted in the past, which allows us to evaluate the dispute between idealization (representation of desire) and historical documentation, either from the (often propagandistic) discourses of the projects, or criticism of opposition to them. For this, the installation has a video that shows, through multiple screens, the overlap of lines and images in multiplicity and simultaneity.

It is important to notice the fact that the video is presented on a specific television and furniture, which evoke the different social conditions of reception and suggest the broad penetration of media material. Thus, the installation was designed by the artist to reinforce the support of diffusion and reception of these projects as well as their symbolic dimensions, in order to re-enact the media action and social incidence of them.

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