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Deyson Gilbert

A flag is a symbolic standard of a nation, corporation or political organization. It is also an emblem of unity and protection. It's figures and colors are crucial to the identification and symbolic construction of the group represented by it. Made of cloth and hoisted on a flagstaff, with height and dimensions set by convention, the flag flutters according to the wind direction and intensity of the environment on which it is stands.

The flag in Deyson Gilbert's work, however, has no color, no figures. Abstract, the only thing that simbolize is the idea of a flag itself. Surrounded by fans who put the air space of movement, the artist reveals the artificiality that is behind of who decides, by manipulating the wind, the direction to being taken by a nation, corporation or party. At the same time, the flag flutters in not one, but in many directions, as if several voices or ideas were confronted in deciding a north. Despite the order and simplicity of the constructed situation with the fans, the dynamics of movement of the flag shown practically unpredictable. Unpredictable precisely because it is built in an orderly manner, like the power structures apparently clear and well established, but each time they are used to put things in motion in different directions unexpectedly.

Deyson Gilbert - Bandeira.png


Video of the artwork as shown during the exhibition.