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Statement by Ronald Augusto and Cândido Rolim on the poetry "Pressauro" by Augusto de Campos:

"The antinomy between the new and the old is typically modernist. On the other hand, postmodern contemporaneity uses this oxymoron in a different way. The new and the old converge to a present without margins, eternal, which cancels them. Time is spacialized, it is no longer a succession. It is a simultaneist mosaic. Thus, the new is no longer conceived as a reaction to the conventional, to the peremptory; the new — now a fait accompli — holds only as one more performative possibility as valid as any other: pressauro* (Augusto de Campos dixit). "

from Despojos canônicos e poesia contemporânea

  • an attempt at translating "pressauro" could render "presaur", a conjunction of "pre" and "saur" (alluding dinosaur, the "pre" coming from the Portuguese word for "present", the "ssa" coming from the Portuguese word for "past" and the "aur" coming from the Portuguese word for "future").